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  • Lian Yun-Perng, Physiotherapist

Top 3 Best Physiotherapy Centres in Kuala Lumpur

It is difficult to be the best in life. It is even harder to be the best in the healthcare line where service is involved. What factors do people consider before deciding that a physiotherapy centre is the best? Some of the factors that are worth exploring are:

1.Treatment Price

2.Experience of the Physiotherapist

3.Personality of the Physiotherapist

4.Service of the Staff

5.Effectiveness of the Treatment

Treatment Price

The price for physiotherapy in a physiotherapy centre ranges from RM 120 to RM 300 in Kuala Lumpur. The wide price range is subjected to the location of the centre, the equipment used, the experience of the physiotherapist or/and the brand of the centre. Most physiotherapy centres offer treatment packages to reduce the financial burden of their patients. However, some would use it to lock the patient down unnecessarily.

Ideally, the best physiotherapy treatment price should be between RM 150 to RM 220 excluding expensive equipment such as a high level laser machine, a shockwave machine, or a decompression machine. Treatment packages recommended should also be within 6 to 12 sessions only. You can always top up if it is not sufficient.

Experience of the Physiotherapist

When it comes to experience, we assume that more is better. A senior or an old physiotherapist has more experience so he or she is definitely better but that person can also be a “dinosaur” if they do not upgrade their clinical knowledge from time to time. Experience is important but practice led with evidence or research and critical thinking should overshadow experience.

So, having a tonne of clinical experience is a good gauge on how good a physiotherapist is but it is not a deciding factor. In this case, old is not always gold. You should ask questions about your health and see how the physiotherapist answers you.

Personality of the Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist should be a good listener, patient, understanding, and caring. They should also be honest with their clinical findings and decisions. Last but not least, they need to be honest with their clinical findings and recommendations.

Service of the Staff

The physiotherapy centre should be punctual with their appointments and responsible. They should not treat their patients like objects to be thrown around. For example, one physiotherapist only treats one patient at a time unless there’s a special circumstance. They should also be ethical and not overcharge or oversell their patients.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

Ultimately, the goal is to get you up and well again so they should be able to meet your recovery expectations. Usually, acute cases should see some improvement within 6 sessions. Chronic cases can take up to 6 months before seeing some improvements so it is quite difficult to comment on it.

Bottom line

If you notice the factors listed above for the best physiotherapy centre, a lot of it involves the physiotherapist. So, in order to qualify as the best physiotherapy centre in kuala lumpur, you will need good physiotherapists. It is not easy to find good physiotherapists around kuala lumpur but a few of them works at:

1.Ace Physiotherapy

2.Pau Physiotherapy

3.Apple Physiotherapy

Thank you for reading!

Lian Yun-Perng

Chartered Physiotherapist

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Lian Yun-Perng  

UK Qualified Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Keele University, United Kingdom
Diploma in Physiotherapy

AIMST University, Malaysia

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