Our Story

Yun-Perng was working as a full time physiotherapist and he also provided physiotherapy home visits in 2014 to gain more experience and to have some extra income. During those times, he saw a problem. He realised that the awareness for physiotherapy and rehabilitation was poor and many do not understand what physiotherapy was. Too many people including doctors and nurses had poor knowledge about the importance of physiotherapy for recovery.  The understanding was so poor that some had to suffer because of their medical condition.

On top of that, the Malaysian healthcare system added to his frustration as the quality of physiotherapy was below acceptable standards. He was concerned for his healthcare colleagues and the public if this remained the same. So, in 2015, he started educating the public on the importance of physiotherapy by writing blogs and articles through Physiogeek. He also educated the public through talks or workshops about physiotherapy. He was eager to create positive change for the physiotherapy profession in Malaysia and he wanted the public to be aware of the importance of physiotherapy for health and recovery.

In 2018, his job environment added to his frustration. His work did not meet his job satisfaction clinically, it was limiting his potential to excel and he wanted to reach out to more people who required his expertise. After some careful consideration, he decided to start Ace Physiotherapy. 

Our approach at Ace Physiotherapy is based on Yun-Perng's 10 over years of physiotherapy experience. He has spent a lot of time to study, read, and research about physiotherapy, pain, and recovery. His goal was to develop the simplest, fastest, and most effective method to assess and treat his patients. Because of his strong knowledge in physiotherapy, physiology and critical thinking, he compiled his knowledge and developed an approach called DEAL which we practise here. 

At Ace Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best care we can offer without over burdening them financially. Sometimes, the only treatment we offer is advice and some simple self help methods so don't be worried about signing up for treatment packages. We also provide free online coaching to our clients since we believe in top quality service. Finally, we can't guarantee to solve all your problemss but we promise to help you.


The benchmark of Physiotherapy in Malaysia


Adding value to people's life through physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Core Values

Integrity: Do the right thing

Continuous excellence: Committed to delivering the best

Patient focused: Listening to our patients and acting with insight, compassion, and understanding

Taman Seputeh  Physiotherapy Clinic

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