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Our Story


How we came to be

Ace Physiotherapy was founded by our principal physiotherapist, Yun-Perng.

Our story began in 2014, after Yun-Perng returned to Malaysia from training in the UK. He observed that public knowledge of physiotherapy seemed limited and poor, and was saddened that many struggled with recovery and rehabilitation due to a lack of awareness about the benefits of physiotherapy. He hoped to increase public awareness on physiotherapy and the critical role it plays in recovery and rehabilitation.

Additionally, he resolved to improve and hone his craft through self-study and research. As he learnt better and more effective ways of treatment, he thought to share his knowledge and experience with his peers to support the continuing professional development of his colleagues, and enhance the standards and quality of care in the industry.

With these in mind, whilst juggling his various commitments, Yun-Perng started the blog, Physiogeek, through which he published or shared articles on physiotherapy, be it on new improved techniques or interesting research. He also held talks to reach out to the public as well as workshops to share knowledge and expertise with his industry colleagues.


Who we are

Ace Physiotherapy is a culmination of hope and wish to improve public awareness and access to physiotherapy, and the resolve to uphold high standards and best practices in providing physiotherapy treatment.

Our treatment philosophy is based on “DEAL”, a philosophy birthed from over a decade of study and research on physiotherapy, pain management, and rehabilitation and recovery.

Our goal is to develop the simplest, fastest and most effective methods to assess and treat our clients.

Our promise to you

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best care we can offer without over-burdening you financially. Sometimes, the only treatment we may offer is advice and some simple self-help methods so our clients need not worry about having to sign up for lengthy treatment packages. We may not be able to guarantee that we can solve all your problems but we promise to do our best to help you.

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The benchmark of Physiotherapy in Malaysia


Adding value to people's life 

Core Values

Integrity: We aim to do the right thing

Continuous excellence: We are committed to delivering the best

Patient focused: We listen to our patients and act with insight, compassion, and understanding

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