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FIRST in Malaysia

Virtal Reality Rehab

Virtual Reality Rehab

The first virtual reality rehab in Malaysia with oculus quest. Virtual reality rehab will help improve your hand function or balance significantly. Virtual reality rehab is suitable for ANYONE with stroke, chronic pain or upper limb dysfunction.

The concept of virtual reality is to enable you to move your hands in a virtual world while eliminating pain or movement difficulties. You will use your hands to complete task or activities of daily living without much physical limitations.

You will be brought into another "world" when you put the headset on. Everything you see in the headset is in 3D; it is as real as real life. The physiotherapist will guide you to use the controllers which acts like your hand. You will be able to move your virtual fingers, wave your hand around or grip.

Another feature of virtual reality rehab is mirror therapy. Mirror therapy is one of the breakthroughs of rehabilitation science for chronic pain and upper limb motor recovery. It is a well researched concept that is highly suggested for upper limb rehab.

Please speak to us if you're interested to know more.

Virtual Reality Video

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