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  • Lian Yun-Perng, Physiotherapist

Recovering from My Shoulder Injury

I was involved in a motor vehicle incident (19/3/2019) where I fell off my bike at around 80 km/h and slid on the road for around 70 metres. I could remember clearly that I most of my weight was on my left side as I slid. Here's my torn clothing:

This incident resulted with some scratches and wounds on my right knuckles, both palms, left forearm, left hip, left knee, and on my left ribs/ back. Sorry, I didn't take any photos of my hip and knee.

I thought I only had minor injuries but my other injuries surfaced the next day and here's the timeline:

Day 1: Mostly bleeding and plasma fluid on my wounds. Showering wasn't that bad.

Day 2: Same as before but there was more pain when I moved. Showering was intense; much more painful than Day 1. Now ,this is when my shoulder pain started. My left trapezius was spasming and I had weakness on my left shoulder and it was painful when I moved.

I could only do left shoulder abduction to 90 degrees and my strength was 2/5. Painful arc sign was positive.

Day 7 to 14: Wounds were healing and scars were forming. Left shoulder had less pain with abduction but still couldn't go above 90 degrees. Funny thing is: Left shoulder abduction with internal rotation was pain free.

Push ups were also painful on left shoulder and it was incomplete.

Day 15 to 30: Wounds have healed 90%. Left shoulder much better. I have full range of movement but still weak with Abduction and there is shoulder pain at end range if I use a 5kg dumbbell for shoulder press.

Able to do push ups with no issues.

6 weeks: Left shoulder movement around the same at Day 30. Only pain at end range with weights. Otherwise, everything seems normal.

I will update as time goes by. I will share my journey on how I self- managed and what you can do too if you have a shoulder injury.

Stay tuned!

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Lian Yun-Perng  

UK Qualified Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Keele University, United Kingdom
Diploma in Physiotherapy

AIMST University, Malaysia

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