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Why is physiotherapy housecall so expensive?

I hope this post will help the public understand why physiotherapy housecall cost more. As a consumer myself, I would like to know what am I paying for and why am I paying so much. So, I have written down some opinions on why physiotherapy housecall cost more and how it can benefit you.

Why does physiotherapy housecall cost more?

Generally, physiotherapy housecall cost more because the extra money you’re paying is used to compensate mileage claims and the time needed to reach your location. The physiotherapist uses two treatment slots to see you every time they visit you. The travelling time can take up to 90 mins per housecall for a return trip. So, in total the physiotherapist uses at least 2 hours per housecall.

In simple terms, more time = more charge although this doesn't really justify the extra cost but you should get what I mean.

How does physiotherapy housecall benefit you?

1. You save time

Your family members do not need to spend time on the road or take time off to send you for physiotherapy. You can receive treatment at the comfort of your home.

2. It’s hassle free

No more driving stress. You don’t have to worry about heavy traffic, driving, parking or how disabled friendly is the physiotherapy centre. There won’t be any steps, curbs, thresholds or any lifts to overcome before you reach the physiotherapy centre.

3. Flexible treatment times but on appointment basis

Have physiotherapy at home in your own time. You don’t have to wake up early to rush for your appointment anymore. You will always be on time since the physiotherapist has to reach you. *Wink*

4. Enviromment conditioning

Sometimes, patients demonstrate significant improvements at the physiotherapy clinic but the improvement is not demonstrated at home. This can be influenced by conditioning or perception. So, having physiotherapy at home enables you to have a higher chance of maintaining your progress.

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