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About Physiogeek


Acquire knowledge or skill related to Physiotherapy by study, experience, or through courses


Use the knowledge and skills learnt in clinical practice and test its usefulness


Share my thoughts and experience to benefit others

Physiogeek is a platform for healthcare professionals that are involved in rehabilitation to learn and engage in thought provoking conversations.

Physiogeek was started in 2015 by Yun-Perng Lian because of his interest in learning and sharing. He consistently searched for knowledge through books or the internet to satisfy his hunger for medical knowledge.  He would then translate the knowledge he has gained into his own words and relay them to his readers. He also shares about his own clinical experience.

Yun-Perng took the initiative to reach out to his potential readers by starting a website and a facebook page in hope that his readers will receive more exposure on physiotherapy. He realised that most physiotherapist needed to question their practice because most of the theories or concepts taught in school were not updated.

He hopes that Physiogeek will be a starting point for his readers to learn more about what physiotherapy can offer. Furthermore, he emphasises on simple ideas and writings to encourage his readers to learn.

He is also keen on questioning concepts, theories and practices; he also welcomes questions. He believes that constructive discussions would help improve the world of physiotherapy and also the individual.

At present, he is the sole author for Physiogeek and he is continuously searching for a partner that shares the same passion for physiotherapy.

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