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ABD- Abduction

ADD- Adduction

Ank.- Ankle

ASLR- Active straight leg raising

CP1- Cervical pattern 1

CP2- Cervical pattern 2

CP3- Cervical pattern 3

Cx- Cervical

D- Dysfunctional

ER- External rotation

Exs- Exercise

F- Functional

IASTM- Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation

IFT- Interferential Therapy

IR- Internal rotation

LBP- Low back pain

LRF- Lateral rotation flexion

Lx- Lumbar

MRE- Medial rotation extension

MSE- Multi-segmental extension

MSF- Multi-segmental flexion

MSR- Multi-segmental rotation

N- No pain

ODS- Overhead deep squat

P- Pain

P+N – Pins and Needles

Pt- Patient

REIL- Repeated extension in lying

SFMA- Selective Functional Movement Assessment

SGIS- Side gliding in standing

Sh.- Shoulder

SL- Side lying

SLS- Single leg stand

STM- Soft tissue manipulation

Sup.- Supine

Tx- Thoracic

U/S- Ultrasound therapy

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